Charity Concert: Berlin Music Students Join Forces for Ukrainian War Refugees

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Berlin Music Students Join Forces for Ukrainian War Refugees

The cruel and brutal military aggression of the Russian government against Ukraine has shocked and saddened people all over the world. We do not overestimate the role of music in times like these. But we do believe that it can remind of our shared humanity. That is why we are grateful to the students of the Berlin University of the Arts, the “Hanns Eisler” School of Music Berlin, and the Barenboim-Said Akademie, who have joined forces for a charity concert.

 The Barenboim-Said Akademie is committed to the idea of Daniel Barenboim and Edward W. Said that led to the founding of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra more than 20 years ago: despite political conflict, music creates a space for listening to each other, for exchanging ideas, not only tolerating different voice but accepting them and celebrating the diversity of sound.

Proceeds and donations will go to “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” and “Voices of Children” for Ukrainian war refugees. The concert program will be announced at short notice.

Patronage: Claudia Roth, Minister of State for Culture and Media

Charity Concert for Ukrainian War Refugees
Saturday, March 12, 6 p.m.
Concert Hall of the UdK Berlin
Hardenbergstraße /Fasanenstraße, 10623 Berlin

A minimum donation of 15 Euros is requested.
Current pandemic regulations apply:
2G+ and FFP2 mask requirement.

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