Due to logistical reasons the Barenboim-Said Akademie has to cancel the event with Judith Butler on February 1st. We are sorry for any inconvenience and hope to welcome Judith Butler at another time.

In Beirut, Santiago, Delhi, Gaza, Hong Kong, Moscow and Paris, people are reclaiming their power, resisting forms of oppression, and declaring their desire for freedom and equality. In the face of persistent and re-emerging forms of authoritarian power wielded by governmental and non-governmental actors alike, this era of popular uprisings and revolutions demands probing conversations on political action, agency, and collective resistance. The current moment holds new possibilities and hope, while raising important questions: how can we rethink the relationship between theory and practice, academia and social movements? How can we defend and expand freedoms in narrowing public spaces? And how can we make sense of the forms of resistance people chose in the streets?

Join us for a conversation between Prof. Judith Butler and Dr. Yasmeen Daher about the seeds, complexities and desires entangled in the politics of resistance, in Berlin and globally.


In collaboration with Palestine Speaks - Coalition for Palestinian Rights and Against Racism


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Pierre Boulez Saal | Französische Straße 33 D, Berlin, Germany