Music Theory


Matthieu Stepec is a French pianist, composer, and music theorist currently residing and teaching in Berlin, Germany. He studied piano in Saarbrücken with Prof. Robert Leonardy and Prof. Jean Micault. To further develop his performance and teaching expertise, he joined the Diploma Program of Piano Pedagogy at the Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin) with of Prof. Heide Görtz. After completing his Diploma in Piano Pedagogy, he then pursued a master’s degree in music theory with Prof. Dr. Ariane Jessulat at Berlin University of the Arts.
His self-taught approach to piano led him to practice Improvisation, which has become one of his main specialties and focuses. In his performances, freely improvised elements are injected into classical programs in order to shed new lights on the standard repertoire.
As a composer, he was able to integrate traditional music theory applications with modern cultural sounds, which he received a second prize for at the Hamburger competition "Neue Musik und China" in 2016 for his 4-hand piece "Yanhua".
In 2017, he founded the Ensemble Xénos with Terukaku Yamashita, Thanos Karakantas and Arthur Rusanovsky, which focuses on improvisation in a group setting. This creates a unique and innovative environment among the group members and with the audience that is constantly evolving.
Currently, Matthieu Stepec is teaching music theory at the Humboldt University Berlin, the University Potsdam, as well as the Barenboim-Said Academy. He has also been invited to instruct guest lectures on music theory and piano among others, in the Staatsoper Berlin, the Deutsche Schülerakademie, as well as music academies in the Guanzhou area in China.