Finances and Financial Aid


There are no tuition or course fees for any students enrolled at the Akademie.

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Music and Preparatory Program at the Akademie receive a means-independent, non-repayable monthly grant. The grant amount is aligned with the maximum rate of the German Federal Law for Supporting Education, with a current rate in the 2020-21 year of EUR 853.00 per month, for every month of enrollment.

Additionally, all Bachelor of Music and Preparatory Program students enrolled at the Barenboim-Said Akademie are eligible for shared student housing, at no additional cost.

Students enrolled in the Artist Diploma are not eligible for the stipend that Preparatory Program and Bachelor of Music students receive. 

To receive their residency permit (Aufenthaltstitel), Artist Diploma students from non-European Union member countries will need to provide explicit proof that they have financial means equivalent to approximately 735 Euro per month for the proposed duration of their studies. For this reason, students accepted to the Artist Diploma are encouraged to seek outside sources of funding in the form of independent grant applications, sponsoring programs, and competitions. 

Likewise, Artist Diploma students do not receive Akademie housing, and are expected to find their own accommodations in Berlin.