Musician Psychology


The coaching serves to develop specific musical and technical abilities as well as help you become a professional artistic (and private) personality so that you are equipped as best can be to cope with the multifarious tasks waiting for you in both your professional and private life.

Examples of possible topics:

  • Mental training /visualization techniques
  • Practicing techniques, optimization of performance, integrative practicing (flow state)
  • Preparation for auditions (Probespieltraining) and concerts
  • Performance training: Stage fright and »Stage-Self«
  • Stress management
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Coping with negative feelings and negative self-talk, self-talk regulation
  • Motivation regulation
  • Self-assessment training, self-efficacy
  • Dealing with conflicts and colleagues
  • Self-management Personal career/life planning
  • Clarification of personal issues

You are also welcome to visit the sessions even without a specific issue. In this case, you can acquire core competencies in the areas mentioned above.

Musician psychology provides support and help in coping with the requirements of a high-performance profession. In dealing with those demands mental resilience often makes all the difference.