Exhibition: The Sound of Utopia

© Monika Ritterhaus

From the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra to the Barenboim-Said Akademie


Visit « The Sound of Utopia », an exhibition currently on display at the Barenboim-Said Akademie, and be among the first to explore the Akademie's newly-finished building. The exhibition tells the remarkable history of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, which has become a living symbol of peace in the Middle East.

In 2010, Daniel Barenboim’s vision of a unique music academy – one that would continue in the humanistic spirit of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra within the framework of an innovative university concept – began to take concrete form. In 2012, the city of Berlin issued a 99-year leasehold agreement, allowing the Barenboim Foundation use of the former stage depot of the Berlin Staatsoper as a home for the Akademie. The non-profit Barenboim-Said Akademie gGmbH was launched that same year.

Today, the Barenboim-Said Akademie has opened its doors, elevating the founding principle of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra to a new level: up to ninety young, talented musicians from the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world will be educated here in the humanistic tradition of the Divan.

« The Sound of Utopia » chronologically traces the journey from the first workshops of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra to the founding of the Barenboim-Said Akademie. At the same time, the exhibition leads the visitor through the floors and spaces of the building's large foyer, which connects the Akademie with the spectacular Frank Gehry-designed Pierre Boulez Saal.


« The Sound of Utopia » is on display until 16 July 2017
Address: Französische Strasse 33d, 10117 Berlin
Exhibition Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Admission is free and open to the public.