Bachelor of Music


The Barenboim-Said Akademie offers an accredited, four-year Bachelor of Music degree in orchestral instruments, piano and composition.

The Akademie’s Bachelor of Music curriculum is unique in that it unites an intensive music performance education with a broad introduction to the humanities. The Bachelor of Music degree is comprised of 240 ECTS credits, which are grouped into ten pedagogically related modules. The first two years of courses in the Bachelor of Music provide a broad introduction to skills and ideas, and the last two years of courses are more flexible and offer advanced, elective courses.

Bachelor of Music students at the Akademie receive individual instrumental instruction and group musical practice (chamber music and orchestra) from a dedicated roster of internationally-renowned faculty. The Bachelor of Music curriculum also incorporates courses in music theory, music history and ear training, as well as advanced courses in music performance, music education, musicology and music composition. 

Courses in the humanities are viewed as an integral part of the Akademie’s undergraduate music education. Designed to foster intellectual curiosity, critical reflection, and persuasive written and oral expression, the humanities curriculum consists of courses in philosophy, history, and literature.

To cap their studies, Bachelor of Music candidates must complete a final project as a formal graduation requirement. Intended as a culmination of their work in both the music and humanities sides of the curriculum, this project combines a full recital performance with an individually conceived and researched academic paper on a related topic.

Bachelor of Music Curriculum

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